California Official Court Reporters Association



Job skills required include manual dexterity, typing, word processing, computer technology, understanding of English grammar and writing and good listening skills


Prospective students need to be intelligent, disciplined, motivated and should expect to do college-level work. Court reporters must complete a course of study at an accredited court reporting school. This usually requires three or more years of full-time study. Course work includes IT (Information Technology) skills as well as coursework in civil and criminal law, English, grammar, stenographic theory, legal and business terminology, anatomy, medical and forensic terminology, computer technology, business management, judicial procedures and skills practice to build speed in using a computerized stenotype machine.


After completion of schooling and required internship with a working reporter, prospective reporters in California must pass a two-day licensing examination administered by the Court Reporters Board of California to become a Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR).