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COCRA Announces Dissolution of Association

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It is with heavy hearts and great sadness that we write to inform you that after much consideration, debate, and discussion, the executive board of the California Official Court Reporters Association (COCRA) has made the difficult decision to dissolve the association by the end of 2019.

COCRA was first created in 1999 by a group of official reporters from all over California who firmly believed that California needed an association that focused specifically on issues unique to official court reporters.

Since its creation, COCRA has accomplished many achievements in fulfilling its mission to “Protect and advance the profession of official court reporters,” including:

*creating the Preserving Access to Justice Task Force report, which compiled a nation-wide database of the pitfalls and problems related to electronic recording

*organizing the “Summit for Officials” in 2013 during the wave of layoffs resulting from the Great Recession so that COCRA could provide all gathered officials with information on how budget cuts were affecting the profession

*creating the County-to-County seminar format which became the preeminent seminar for officials to exchange information and to learn about various issues affecting officials throughout the state

*monitoring and informing the membership about legislation affecting official reporters

*cultivating contacts with all court reporter represented labor groups

*playing an active role in ensuring that legislation that allowed for the e-filing of PDF transcripts did not deprive officials of the choice of software for filing such transcripts

Although COCRA will be closing its doors, current COCRA members can continue COCRA’s mission to protect and advance our profession by becoming active members of their local unions.

The power to steer funding to your local court, the ability to challenge negative legislation and support positive legislation, as well as the ability to provide input on the direction for the profession of official court reporting lies with labor groups such as SEIU, AFSCME, and IFPTE Local 21.

We strongly urge officials to become involved, stay informed, and be vigilant in protecting our profession.

To current COCRA members, an email with instructions as to COCRA’s dissolution has been sent to you. Please review the email and contact us should you have questions.

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