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Alameda County Superior Seeks Official Reporters

Posted on January 29, 2018 by admin

Salary: $85,841.60 – $104,208.00 Annually

Closing: 2/23/2018 5:00 PM Pacific

Job Description

The Superior Court of California, County of Alameda is accepting applications for the positions of both Court Reporter & Court Reporter, Per Diem. Under direction, Court Reporters & Court Reporters, Per Diem stenotypes a verbatim record of court proceedings; to read notes as requested; to prepare transcripts; and to perform other related duties as assigned.


Retirement: Participation in the Alameda County Employees’ Retirement Association (ACERA), a 1937 Act Retirement Plan.

Deferred Compensation Plan: Employees may contribute annually to a 457 Deferred Compensation Plan.

Medical/Dental: Effective January 1, 2010, all employees will be responsible for a portion of the health and dental premiums.

Life Insurance: A term life insurance policy of $15,000 with the option of purchasing additional supplemental insurance.

Educational Stipend: The Court provides 100% reimbursement of the expense for job-related educational courses up to a maximum of $650.

Vacation: 10 days annually for the first 4 years of service, 15 days after 4 years, and up to 25 days after 20 years.

Holidays: 13 paid holidays and 3 floating holidays (first year hired before July 1)

Sick Leave: Accrual of 13 days per year.

Note: Benefits premiums for part-time status are pro-rated by the number of hours regularly worked.

Click here for more info and application process.

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Solano County Superior Court Seeks Official Reporters

Posted on January 20, 2018 by admin

CLOSING DATE: January 26, 2018

Under direction, prepare and transcribe official verbatim recordings of court proceedings using machine shorthand; and to perform related work as assigned.
This classification is full-time, represented and non-exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Salary: $70,911 – $86,193 annually

Benefits Packages

Solano Superior Court employees are valued. The court offers an excellent benefit package:

  • * CalPERS retirement plan (specific benefit determined pursuant to the Public Employee Pension Reform Act of 2013).Participation in Social Security, Medicare and State Disability Insurance.
  • * Medical insurance (plans offered through CalPERS), Delta Dental (
    HMO & PPO plans), VSP vision insurance, with generous employer contribution toward premiums.
  • * Supplemental retirement plan (457 deferred compensation plan) available
  • * Flexible spending account for qualifying medical, dependent care, and/or transportation expenses.
  • * Basic life insurance at no cost to employee; employees may purchase additional life insurance for self and dependents.
  • * Sick leave, vacation leave, and floating holidays.
  • * Employee assistance program available at no cost to employee for self and dependents.
  • * Longevity pay after 20,800 hours worked.

Please click here for more information and application process.

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Santa Clara Employment Opportunity for Official Reporter

Posted on January 20, 2018 by admin


$36.34 – $48.70 Hourly
$2,907.20 – $3,895.76 Biweekly
$6,298.93 – $8,440.81 Monthly
$75,587.20 – $101,289.76 Annually

Under direction, this specialized classification steno graphically records and maintains an official record of court proceedings, reads notes as requested, prepares transcripts, and performs other related duties as required.

Incumbents in this classification are responsible for making verbatim official records of court proceedings in machine shorthand and providing read back of all or portions of the record upon request.

The Court offers a substantial benefits package to include a choice of health plan, dental plan, a vision plan, 13 paid holidays, 3 weeks of vacation, 4 days of personal leave, day off on your birthday and sick leave.

Our Court offered Health insurance plan is offered through Kaiser, HealthNet and Valley Health Plan. Certain coverage fully paid by Court for employee and dependents.

Click here for more information and application process.

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New Law Gives Official Reporters E-Filing Options

Posted on October 23, 2017 by admin


Earlier this year, COCRA President Anne Hall communicated to the membership that COCRA would work openly and transparently with all unions, associations and stakeholders to ensure that official reporters’ comments and concerns were heard regarding procedures for e-filing. The goal was to ensure that any e-filing procedures enacted would be fair and equitable for official reporters, the legal community, and the public at large.

For the last several months, COCRA’s leadership, along with SEIU, AFSCME and IFPTE, three powerful unions representing official reporters across the state, have worked tirelessly to make certain that the e-filing requirements are in fact fair and equitable, and we believe we have succeeded.

On October 6, 2017, AB1450 was signed by the Governor. This bill, which language amends CCP 271, will require an official reporter or official reporter pro tempore to deliver a transcript in electronic form, in compliance with the California Rules of Court, to any court, party, or person entitled to the transcript.

It is anticipated that amendments to the Rules of Court pertaining to preparation of transcripts on appeal will be adopted by the Judicial Council at their November meeting and will have an effective date of January 1, 2018.

The substantive amendments include, but are not limited to the following:

- Electronic transcripts must be in full-text searchable PDF
- Electronic transcripts must include electronic bookmarking
- Electronic transcripts must also be electronically signed
- Reporters will have a five-year grace period to move to e-filing
- Reporters may, with exceptions, continue to file paper transcripts during the five-year period

In addition, this bill provides that an official reporter or official reporter
pro tempore is NOT required to use a specific vendor, technology, or software to be in compliance with CCP 271.

What Does This Mean for Official Reporters?
You Have Options

You do NOT have to purchase any additional third-party software.

Your current CAT software should be utilized, and has the technological capability to be, in compliance with nearly all the amendments to the Rules of Court.

The major CAT software vendors, including Stenograph and Advantage Software, are aware of the proposed changes to the Rules of Court, and you can be assured they are working towards total compliance within the five-year statutory grace period allowed under CCP 271.

Early next year, COCRA plans to offer a one-day seminar focusing on CAT software training where you will walk away with all the tools necessary to electronically file your transcripts with ease and in compliance with the Rules of Court.

Please feel free to reach out to COCRA at if you have any questions.

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San Francisco Superior Court Extends Deadline for Official Reporter Applicants

Posted on September 29, 2017 by admin

The Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, continues to invite applications from Certified Court Reporters who are interested in working in the San Francisco Court.

This selection process is being conducted in accordance with San Francisco Superior Court Personnel Rule 4.8 and therefore will be used to establish an eligibility list to fill future vacancies.


$110,821.00 – $117,450.00 annually

In addition to this rate of pay, Court Reporters who provide Realtime will also earn an additional pay premium of 5.5% (uncertified) or 10.0% (certified). These differentials are included as salary for pension purposes.

The Court offers a generous flexible benefit cafeteria plan, including a variety of health, dental, life insurance plans, and other benefit options; a contributory retirement plan; paid vacation, sick leave, and holiday pay; and a deferred compensation savings program.

* Please note that for the rest of the fiscal year 2017-18, all Court employees are participating in a furlough program requiring one unpaid day off per month. As a result, the salary range for this position, for the current fiscal year, is $105,741 to $112,067.


4:00 p.m., Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Click here for more detailed information and application process.

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Congratulations to the Three Winners of our Early Membership Renewal Drawing!

Posted on December 11, 2016 by admin

Congratulations to Our Three Early Membership Renewal Winners!

Reyes Hunter of Benecia

Holly Moose of San Rafael

Lindsey Sill of San Jose

COCRA Extends a Special Thank You to Our Silver Sponsors!!

Ana Dub of South San Francisco

Kelli Rinaudo of Pacific Grove

Remember that’s it’s not too late to renew your membership by clicking here!

Your COCRA Dues Help Us to Promote, Protect, and Preserve Our Profession!

Your membership dues are an investment in COCRA and is a clear sign that you believe in our mission, leadership, and presence in the California official court reporting community. By renewing with us, you show your commitment to the future of official court reporting and demonstrate your concern for our profession.

Your membership dues helps COCRA to do the following:

  • Networking with counties and unions throughout the state to keep abreast of local issues affecting officials
  • Creation of seminars with topics that educate officials and address the concerns and needs of officials
  • Outreach to COCRA Members through the use of email and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Maintenance of COCRA’s website with information pertinent to officials
    Timely news and commentary postings to our COCRA Facebook page, Twitter feed, and blog
  • Monitor legislation that might have an impact on officials and the reporting profession
  • Educate legislators, executive and judicial decision-makers

As you can see, COCRA does important work on behalf of official court reporters. We know we can’t achieve anything without your financial support. We here at COCRA recognize the difficult times that we live in and that every dollar counts. So we truly appreciate your support and belief in us.

We appreciate your support of the California Official Court Reporters Association.

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Official Reporters and E-Filing Transcripts: COCRA’s Position

Posted on December 7, 2016 by admin

Benefits of E-Filing Technology Should Not Come
at a Cost to Official Reporters

My name is Anne Hall, I’m an official reporter in Monterey County Superior Court, and I’m the current president of the California Official Court Reporters Association. (COCRA)

When I moved back to California in the late 90s, I realized that the issues that official court reporters faced were very unique to our profession. I also realized that our profession needed an association made up of members who were not only concerned about official court reporters, but were able to address those unique issues, as well as protect and promote court reporting in California’s superior courts. That is why I became a proud member of COCRA.

It is undeniable that since the Great Recession official reporters have had some very difficult times. We’ve seen the spread of electronic recording into more and more courtrooms. We’ve faced removal of official reporters in civil courts resulting in layoffs in many counties. We have seen transcript rates remain frozen for almost three decades!

As if all these negative situations weren’t enough, official reporters are now facing another possible threat to our transcript income. Many counties across the state have begun the process of converting their management systems to the online case management system Odyssey. What this means for official reporters is that we will eventually be required to file transcripts online which will be a welcomed change that could have unintended consequences.

So what’s the consequence? Courts could require that officials pay for filing our transcripts. COCRA believes officials should be able to electronically file transcripts with the court bearing any associated costs, such as software licenses.

We also believe that any electronic filing procedure the courts put into place should not result in the imposition of additional work duties without proper compensation to officials. Especially in light of the fact that official reporters have not seen an increase in our transcript rates!

In the future, COCRA will work openly and transparently with all unions, associations, and stakeholders to ensure that the concerns of official reporters about e-filing transcripts are addressed and that the final e-filing procedure is one that is fair and equitable for official reporters, the legal community, and the public at large.

If you believe the same as COCRA does, then won’t you please join me by renewing your membership with COCRA today? Join California’s only court reporter association created For Officials, By Officials.

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Part-Time Court Reporters Needed for Calaveras Superior Court

Posted on September 25, 2016 by admin


$27.42-$33.33/Hour Non-Exempt

(Unbenefited. Work hours may vary not to exceed 1,000 hours (maximum) in any given fiscal year and are not guaranteed.)


Under general supervision, provides the verbatim official record of all court testimony and activity and, when necessary, grand jury proceedings; prepares transcripts of court proceedings as directed.


This is a highly skilled, certified, and experienced class responsible for creating verbatim documentation of court proceedings in criminal, civil, and other settings as assigned.

Please click here for more info and application process.

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Governor Vetoes Transcript Increase Bill

Posted on September 25, 2016 by admin

California court reporters suffered another defeat in the years-long battle to get an increase in transcript rates.

COCRA will update members and supporters as to any future action to revive another transcript increase bill or an attempt to address the increase via the budget process as stated by the Governor.

Governor Brown released a brief statement yesterday stating his reasons for his refusal to sign AB 2629. Below is the text of his statement in full.

“To the Members of the California State Assembly:

I am returning Assembly Bill 2629 without my signature.

This bill would increase the fee that court reporters can charge for a court proceeding transcript.

This bill results in additional pressure to the General Fund by increasing costs to the judicial system. It covers spending that is more appropriately considered during the budget process.”

Edmund G. Brown.

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Alliance of California Judges Opposes Commission’s Court Reporter Recommendations

Posted on August 23, 2016 by admin

The Commission on the Future of California’s Court System (Futures Commission) will be holding a meeting on August 29th in which a public comments session will be held to, “further its mission of identifying ways to improve the court system and increase access to justice for all Californians.

Of the concepts presented by the Futures Commission, two concepts stand out that should concern all official court reporters.

  • Concept 8.  Explore Court Reporters’ Dual Status, Compensation Discrepancies, and Ownership of Transcripts
  • Concept 10.  Explore Court Reporters’ Dual Status, Compensation Discrepancies, and Ownership of Transcripts

COCRA will be lodging letters of opposition to both of these proposals as COCRA believes these “concepts” are yet another attempt by the Judicial Council to implement “concepts” that will negatively affect official court reporters and the public at large.

COCRA is not alone in this belief.  Today, the Alliance of California Judges sent an email to the Judicial Council stating their reasons for opposing these two concepts.  We are including some of the comments that the ACJ submitted in their email.

The ACJ on Concept 8:

“Concept 8 is a proposal to deprive court reporters of the money they make from preparing transcripts. We consider this proposal an attempt to nickel-and-dime our co-workers, hundreds of whom have already been laid off over the past few years.”

The ACJ on Concept 10:

“Concept 10 is an effort to promote the replacement of court reporters with digital recordings…..The inadequacy of electronic recording isn’t just a matter of speculation; it’s a matter of record.”

COCRA agrees completely with the ACJ’s assessments of these two concepts.

COCRA will be working diligently with Shane Gusman, COCRA’s Legislative Advocate, as well as all unions, associations, and supporters of official court reporters to defeat these concepts which diminish our profession and further erode true access to justice for all Californians.

We will be updating you in the future with the results of our efforts and we encourage you to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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