California Official Court Reporters Association


Join the Official Team! Become a COCRA volunteer! COCRA is an association established by official court reporters for official court reporters. We need and encourage your participation. Volunteer now!


Monitor, recommend and/or propose legislation. Monitor and comment on proposed changes to the California Rules of Court. Update membership on new statutes, Rules of Court and administrative regulations.
Rules of Court Chair: Linda Harris
Legislative Chair: Lyn Yard

Conventions and Seminars

Organize the Annual Convention and educational seminars.
Chair: Gordon F Aiavao

Labor Relations

Maintain a database of salary, benefits and working conditions of local official court reporter groups, including recognized bargaining units.
Chair: Georgeann Wiles



Develop policy and procedures to recruit and retain members.
Chair:  Tami Brown


Track and promote all forms of technology relative to court reporting and the judicial system.
Chair: Joann Bryce

“Official Briefs”/Website

Publish on-line news service “Official Briefs.”
Chair: Gordon F Aiavao